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As a premiere custom tractor cab manufacturer, Cover My Tractor focuses on the details for top-of-the-line durability. Each one of our all-season tractor covers and cover accessories undergoes exhaustive studies to determine the precise materials for optimal product application. We realize you have a running list of items that need to get done, so our covers don't require you to spend days attaching it to your tractor. Our products can go on in as little as two hours. At Cover My Tractor, our goal is to provide a solution while maintaining user-friendliness and ease of operation.

Our team of dedicated craftsmen develop initial parameters for each design and then field test the products to make sure they meet each and every criteria. Our soft tractor cab enclosures are rich with features and offer creature comforts no one else in the industry has. We have the largest interior space in the industry. Our tractor cabs are truly able to be used all year long due to their unique copyrighted four-way cross ventilation design.

We Bring a Knowledge of Manufacturing Quality Products at Value Pricing

The founders of Cover My Tractor bring over 50 years of combined experience in developing Tractor Cabs, Cab Enclosures and Tractor Covers. Their past experience includes textiles sales, design and engineering, developing yacht and watercraft enclosures and boat covers and Bimini tops for the marine industry. Cover My Tractor uses only the industry's best-in-class materials and when one isn't available that meets expectations, they develop it themselves. The tractor cover, tractor cab and cab enclosure materials selected stand up to the harsh environments experienced by tractor operators and survive all weather conditions from low to high temperature extremes, to heavy winds and rain, snow and everything in between that is why their Tractor Covers, Tractor Cabs and Cab Enclosures are second to none. Each design incorporates engineering solutions for quick installation and ease of operation. This is specifically important when the weather changes abruptly and quick protection is required from the elements. Both owners have user knowledge of tractors and are familiar with the downfalls of other systems that limit visibility, hinder operation and are troublesome to install. Our included Tractor Storage Bags with each tractor cover, tractor cab or cab enclosure offer each customer an easy-access reliable storage solution which enhances the product's life expectancy and leads to many more years of enjoyment. We use customer feedback to continuously improve our products and our goal is to offer you value solutions, so you become a customer for life.

Technology, Design & Craftsmanship


Our tractor covers are designed to fit both with and without loader buckets so that however you configure your tractor the same cover fits. Have a rear implement on your tractor? No problem, our unique design fits around it and still protects the tractor from the elements. Both our tractor cabs and tractor covers come with a free storage bag and the one for the cover actually straps to the ROPS so it can be with you at all times whenever the need requires the tractor cover to be used. We have searched suppliers to find complimentary tractor accessories to add to our product line-up and will continue to maximize this offering as new products become available.

Our tractor covers, tractor cabs, tractor canopies, and cab enclosures are best defined by our 5 guiding principles:

  • Best-in-Class Materials
  • Simplicity and Functionality
  • Visibility and Ease of Installation
  • Designs Meet or Exceed Reasonable Customer Expectations
  • Maintain Value Priced Products

Trust Cover My Tractor to provide tractor and farm protection gear that has been proven by the test of time, seasonality, repair and overall user satisfaction. Check out the testimonials and what our customers say about our products and customer service.