Tractor Bimini Sunshades

Soft Sunshade Bimini Canopies

Cover My Tractor specializes in getting you the right Tractor Bimini Sunshades that are rugged enough to withstand the challenges that come with working outdoors. There is a reason you choose to work outside and protecting yourself and your employees should be your number one goal. Adding soft sunshade Bimini canopies made from a long-lasting, high-quality fabric is wise investment and a simple solution for providing protective shade for all seasons. It is important to be mindful of the hazards that come from an outdoor working environment because of the very real dangers that both sun and heat can pose. Not only are the sun’s UV rays harmful to the skin, the sun releases tons of energy that converts to heat. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Americans lose more than $100 million in productivity every year because of worker’s inability to perform due to sun-related illnesses. As a landscaper, farmer or weekend warrior, there are limited ways to avoid harsh sunlight, and realistically speaking, soft sunshade Bimini canopies are valuable equipment accessories to avoid overexposure and overheating. Although dehydration, illnesses, and injuries caused by sun exposure is nothing new to the green industry, many people still fail to take affordable steps to keep themselves and crews safe from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Tractor Bimini Sunshades provide a more comfortable working environment and shield equipment operators from intense sunlight and other elements. Unfortunately, the hours put into a workday extends throughout the hotter months, inevitably increasing the potential for exposure. Our durable vinyl coated polyester fabric allows you to quickly install or remove our tractor Biminis or fabric sunshades with most models clamped to roll over protective structures (ROPS) without need for drilling. Installing high-quality soft sunshade Bimini canopies constructed from mildew resistant fabrics also protects your equipment from elemental damage to reduce surface fading. We take pride in our customer service and treat each customer with respect and expediency. If you need help selecting the best tractor Biminis, soft fabric sunshades, or solid canopies, contact us directly at Cover My Tractor at 904-316-0532.