Protective Tractor Cabs - Sun Protection

Protective Tractor Cabs - Sun Protection Working in an outdoor environment every day creates many unique hazards. Whether you make your living working outside or simply spend the weekend caring for your yards, Cover My Tractor offers a stellar line of tractor cabs to help you get the job done. It doesn’t matter where you live, the change of seasons is sometimes unbearable. Indoor workers exposed to harmful sources of radiation take precautions to protect their good health from harmful sources of energy. When you work outside, our tractor cabs can protect you as well as your employees from the environmental dangers that cause sun-related disease or illnesses. As a premiere custom tractor cab manufacturer, Cover My Tractor focuses on the details for top-of-the-line durability. Each of our all-season tractor cabs and cab accessories undergoes exhaustive studies to determine the precise materials for optimal product application. We realize you have a running list of items that need to get done, don’t spend days attaching a cab covering to your tractor. Our products can go on in as little as two hours. Our team of dedicated craftsmen develop initial parameters for each design and then field test the products to make sure they meet your criteria. Our soft tractor cabs enclosures are rich with features and offer creature comforts no one else in the industry has. We have the largest interior space in the industry. Our tractor cabs are truly able to be used all year long due to their unique copyrighted four-way cross ventilation design. Unfortunately, research studies suggest that most outdoor workers practice better sun protection and use better protection at work than at home on the weekends. So, don’t forget that your tractor at home also need a quality tractor cab cover that lets you manage the harshest environments when working outside. At Cover My Tractor, our goal is to provide a solution while maintaining user-friendliness and ease of operation.

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