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Tractor Fans and Air Conditioners

When talking about heat-related hazards, painful sunburns are probably what come to mind. Nonetheless, the powerful radiation created by the sun every day can cause a lot more damage to your health and wellness than you might realize. It is important to take the right measures to protect the body from the harsh weather encountered when working outside. From heat rashes to skin cancer, overexposure to heat and the sun’s harmful radiation can cause a range of health issues for today’s do-it-yourselfers, employees and their employer. So, it is imperative that workers take the necessary precautions to decrease possible risks by choosing the best protective products. Passers-by often think people who work outside on a tractor have it made, especially if they have a tractor enclosure to provide protection from the outside elements. Fact is a tractor cab or canopy enclosure have lots of glass and few windows that open. Although enclosures are great for protecting the operator from dust, debris, rain and adverse temperatures, without a tractor fan or tractor air conditioner, it’s like sitting a parked vehicle with all the windows rolled up. The role of a tractor fan and air conditioners is not only to lower air temperature in the cabin, but to provide a more comfortable environment when working in hot conditions. Without an air-conditioned tractor cab, ventilation using a tractor fan is the most effective method of providing cooling for the operator. Outdoor workers exposed to high temperatures and the sun for long periods are at risk of sunstroke, sunburn and heat exhaustion. Though hot work areas can also be indoors, the sun is one of the key causes of injuries and illnesses in outdoor work environments. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, environmental heat exposure was a factor in 37 work-related deaths and 2,830 nonfatal occupational injuries and illnesses. If you work outside in hotter temperatures, consider adding a tractor fan and air conditioners for personal protection. We have a variety of different products that will be introduced in the near future that will complement our tractor cabs and cab enclosures.