Wheel Loader Cab Enclosures

Wheel Loader Cab Enclosures Priced to protect your equipment without busting your budget, our wheel loader cab enclosures offer a great solution for protecting your expensive investment. When your day-after-day involves working outside, sometimes the change of seasons is simply unbearable. Our wheel loader canopy and cab enclosures protect your equipment and provide an equipment operator with welcomed relief from sun, wind, rain, snow, heat, cold, dust, dirt, and construction site debris. Cover My Tractor aftermarket cab enclosures are custom made specifically for your wheel loader make and model. When you compare the cost of adding an enclosure to the advantages you gain, it just makes sense. After all, the cab is your operator’s office and protecting personnel as well as delicate controls should be a priority. Each enclosure is custom manufactured from the highest-quality durable materials that are easy to clean and come with options for different canopy configurations. Although the cab enclosure system does not include a windshield wiper, visit our store page for manual or electric wiper kits and comfort features like tractor cab heaters. If you already have a canopy, our wheel loader cab enclosures can be assembled and installed in about 30 minutes with no holes to be drilled. We also understand that a cab enclosure should complement and enhance the value of your investment in addition to providing a safer, more comfortable area for your equipment operator. Moreover, when you own an expensive piece of equipment that is sometimes left at the construction site overnight, it is prudent to protect your investment from curiosity seekers. Left open and unattended, vandals can cause needless damage by fooling around with expensive controls they know nothing about. Wheel loader cab enclosures from Cover My Tractor are an affordable way to improve operator comfort while protecting your company's investment. NOTE: Vinyl cab enclosures fit over certain OEM and aftermarket canopies. No other company offers as many tractor cab canopies and custom cab enclosures as Cover My Tractor. Available in a variety of colors, we sell high strength durable plastic (HDPE) or fiberglass tractor canopies that ensure a perfect fit. When correctly assembled, the sunshade canopy is the only support structure needed.